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Monday, October 16, 2006

If Terrorists Could Vote..Who Would They Vote For?

As another election approaches, the only thing Mr. Dick “Grim Reaper” Cheney or Mr. Bush have not yet implicitly stated is that if terrorists could vote in America, there would vote for Democrats. But wait a minute, why would any terrorist want the Democrats to take over Washington?

The so-called war against terrorism was never going to be easy. How do you go about fighting an ideology perpetrated by people who live in the shadows? Fighting Islamic fundamentalism would have required a multi-prong approach – military, diplomatic, cultural and intellectual - The same way we fought and prevailed against communism. But that would have been too long and too complex for our black and white president. So Bush chose to fight terrorism only one way – via conventional warfare.

Afghanistan was an exceptionally easy war. The fundamentalist Taliban had taken over the government of a failed state and harbored the attackers of the New York towers. The war made sense and the Taliban were easy visible targets. More than a majority of Americans supported the war. Internationally, support for America was strong even in Muslim countries. After Afghanistan, the Bush administration could have sat down and crafted a long-term approach to fighting terrorism, but rather they chose another easy target – Iraq. Leading up to the war, Mr. Cheney famously proclaimed that we would be greeted with flowers, and Mr. Bush spoke of a Middle East blossoming with Democracy that would finally bring peace to the region. In terms of cost, we were told that Iraqi oil money was going to pay for the adventure. So we went into Iraq with a laughable ‘coalition of the willing.’

Three years later, Iraq is in shambles, about 3,000 civilians are killed each month in so called sectarian violence, almost 3,000 US troops have lost their lives and the American taxpayers have footed the war expense to a tune fast approaching $400 Billion dollars. Yet in the rubble of Iraq, a marriage of convenience has been born between the terrorists and Mr. Bush’s party. Let’s be honest, while Democrats cannot in reality pull out every American soldier in Iraq today if they win, their long term plan is to get out as soon as feasibly possible. The Bush and Republican plan is to stay the course until “victory” is achieved or Bush leaves office. Now, Iraq has been a boon to business for the terrorist network. The war fits into the terrorists’ narrative – that America is an empire that wants to take over the Middle East and impose its values and culture on Islam. Therefore in Iraq, there has not been a scarcity of people ready to blow themselves up to defend Islam.

Bush also now realizes that he has enjoyed a good relationship with terrorists all along. On September 10, 2001, Bush’s poll numbers were dismal and the administration seemed to have no direction on where to lead the nation. But the attacks changed all that; it gave the administration something to campaign on. Terrorism gave Republicans their wins in 2002 and 2004. As 2006 approaches, the truth is that Bush now needs the terrorists just as much as the terrorists need Bush.
There was a time not long ago when mentioning the name Osama Bin Laden was considered taboo. It would remind Americans of the administration’s failure to go after the real terrorists. Today, however, Bush is only to happy to quote Bin Laden every chance he gets. After proclaiming that he wanted him dead or alive, he has realized suddenly that he actually needs him alive and not captured. We need the American people to be afraid as we head to the polls. The terrorists themselves are not stupid either, in October 2004 we saw a flurry of terrorist videos surface that may have helped Bush win. This year there have already been some such videos.

It has been a strange marriage of convenience for both sides, but the honeymoon may be nearing its end. Americans seem ready to throw Republicans out of office. That means finally we can start having a real debate on the war in Iraq and the war against terrorism. Now, that can’t be good news for neither the Republicans nor the terrorists. For the terrorists seeking to recruit more suicide bombers, it might mean a slow down in business. For Bush and the Republicans, if terrorism is off the table, it means that they would actually have to talk about other issues such as education, healthcare and the economy. And so ironically, with less than a month to election day, with sagging polls and an angry electorate, Republicans are going to hit the campaign trail with one last ‘hail Mary’ claiming how they and only they can fight terrorism, what they are not going to tell you is that if those same terrorists could vote in November, they would overwhelmingly vote Republican!

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